The Science

Over 50yrs of research

Dedicated to water & it's life-supporting capacities & backed by 5 decades of research

Quantum Energy In Flowform® Water

Understand how we reintroduce water to energetic/quantum formative forces via the specific geometry of Flowform® surfaces

Independently Verified & Tested

Independently tested by 3rd-party European laboratories

Foundation For Water

Discover the creative secrets of water

Supporting Global Water Research

The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid & Vapour
TED X Talks: EZ Water For Health – Bodies Of Water
Flowforms: The Rhythmic Power of Water 
Sensitive Chaos: The Creations of Flowforms in Water & Air 
Cancer & The New Biology Of Water 
Energizing Water: Flowform Technology & The Power Of Life 
Understanding Water: The Element of Life 
The Water Wizard: The Extraordinary Properties Of Natural Water
Water The Element of Life 

Dedicated to water & it's life supporting capacities

Our Mission

Invent, Develop & Research Technologies To Increase ''Water's Capacity To Increase Life'


Share a profound understanding of water & its importance to nature


To conduct research that helps how to understand influences that improve water’s capacity to support life


To advocate living thinking as a more effective way of understanding and helping nature


To design eco-technology capable of healing water, improving its capacity to support life..

Water Technology

Develop eco-technologies to restore good water quality, using nature’s methods

Water Projects

Install sustainable water projects worldwide

Water 2050

Challenge humanity to return our planet’s water back to it's 1950 quality by 2050

Join us in new paradigm of thinking in tune with nature

Flowform® figure8 technology & the power of nature

'Deployed In Over 7000 Projects In 50 Countries Throughout the World'

No Chemicals

Enliven Outdoor Spaces

Bring Nature Inside

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