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Bring Nature Inside

Technology, Therapy & Art In One

The figure-eight loop of the water pulsing from side to side is a perfect manifestation of Tao cosmology

Water moves in intimate relationships to the surfaces over which it flows

John Wilkes – Flowform® Inventor

Home & Office

We transform the power of water & nature's living curving shapes into a timeless design experience

Inspired by Nature

Inspired by the undulating flow of the mountain stream, the enlivening waterfall & the rhythmic water cycle that sustains life on Earth

Sensory Restoration

Luxuriate in the sensory effects of flowing, rhythmic water. Replenish attention, reduce stress & increase feelings of vitality & well-being

Vital Water, Vital Living

Our flow-surface technology transforms the molecular order of water energizing both water & air

Pet Health

Establish ecological balance in aquariums along with the health & vitality of pets

5 Decades Of Research

In five decades of pioneering research, we have pursued a new biology of water. Our work explores hidden aspects of water quality and its connection to human health and resilience in Nature

Hand Crafted

Proudly crafted in partnership with a family of ceramics masters, devoted to the art through three generations.

Technology, Therapy & Art In One

Each piece is unique - casted, glazed & fired by these artisans for a lifetime of enjoyment

'Bring Nature Inside'

Helping Water Support Life

'Deployed In Over 7000 Projects In 50 Countries Throughout the World'

No Chemicals

Enliven Outdoor Spaces

Bring Nature Inside

Interested in a larger industrial scale operation please get in touch with whatever questions you may have

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