Garden & Waterscape

Garden & Waterscape

Flowform® figure8 activation of dissolved oxygen enrichment is the most important biomimicry breakthrough
Chris Weeden

Increase plant growth by 30%

Home Garden

'Just as fish need the right amount of dissolved oxygen in the water to survive & thrive so do your plants'

Improve Plant Growth

Flowform® figure8 water is higher in oxygen, energy & PH resulting in 30% more plant growth vs. tap water

Pesticide Reduction

Plants treated with Flowform® figure8 water are more resilient to pest infestation

There is vast untapped potential for the Flowform® Figure8 technology
Joel Williams
B. Agr. Sc Hons. Agronomist


Every pond needs a stream to keep it fresh & oxygenated

Eliminate Chemicals

If you want a 50-metre mountain stream treating your swimming pool simply install 5 metres of Flowform® & toss out your chemicals

Energize Garden Ponds

Flowform® rhythmic movement reduces mosquito & anaerobic algae infestations

Improve Animal Health

Fish become lively, anaerobic algae & sludge disappears resulting in sparkling fresh water that attracts wildlife like a stream in nature

Peace & Harmony

Flowform® figure8 brings 10 meters of dynamic mountain cascade into 1 metre of Flowform® the unique flow surface produces a heart pulse to calm & soothe the body, the mind & the soul

We installed a Flowform by the edge of the pond, I was amazed to see the goldfish swim over to the waterfall & play around. Some even leapt out of the pond & tried to get up into the Flowform! I have never seen goldfish behave like this
Bruce Perlman
Hawkes Bay, NZ

Flowform® Figure8 Technology & The Power of Nature

'Flowform treated water becomes highly oxygenated, to support rhythmic biological regenerative processes more intensively'
John Wilkes
Flowform® Inventor