Flowform® figure8 superstream water technology

Scientifically proven to increase plant growth by 30%

High O2 = Plant growth

Dissolved oxygen is vital for active uptake of essential nutrients

Energy = Root Growth

Scientific research proves Flowform® figure8 flow increases energy in water resulting in root growth

Pest resistance

Plants treated with Flowform® figure8 water are more resilient to pest infestation

High PH = Soil health

Plant nutrients become more available according to soil PH

Scientifically proven

Flowform® figure8 water is higher in oxygen & PH resulting in 30% more plant growth vs. tap water

Energise drinking water

Experience the health benefits of super coherent water

Flowform® figure8 superstream gives water back to nature in a man-made environment

100% energy efficiency from tap water

Flowform® figure8 water technology

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Optional Extras

Reinforced hooked PVC pipe 

2M clear PVC piping (16mm)  

Add additional pods to maximise water coherence 

Connect pods with copper wire 

Modular stand