Flowform® Whirlpool Figure8 Superstream

Flowform® figure8 superstream water technology

Supercharge horticulture

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Pest resistance

Plants treated with Flowform® Figure8 water are more resilient to pest infestation

Eliminiate hypoxic algae

Increase oxygen by up to 0.5 ppm each unit in a cascade, with continual flow this can bring ponds of up to 1 million litres from 7 ppm in a matter of a week

Increase dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen is vital for active uptake of essential nutrients

Increased soil pH

Described as the “master soil variable' plant nutrients become more available according to soil pH

What is Flowform® figure8 water technology?

Energy = Root Growth

Scientific research proves Flowform® Figure8 flow increases energy in water resulting in root growth

50 yrs of international research

A patented method to increase water's capacity to support life that's been independently tested by 3rd-party European laboratories

Increase electromagnetics in water

Figure8 dynamic flow creates high energy water, coherent with the quantum field of universal energy whilst increasing electromagnetics.

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