Flowform® Vortex Figure8

Flowform® figure8 superstream water technology

Naturally transform effluent into organic fertilizer

Create a sustainable & profitable future for your farm with Flowform® figure8 water technology

No foul odours

The science is simple, effluent not constantly flowing becomes stagnant & pungent with ‘little’ to no dissolved oxygen

How oxygen kills smell

Reduce farm running costs

Save up to $150K* per year in farm running costs

Testimonials & 50yrs research

Eliminate chemicals

Remove superphosphate & unsustainable bubbling machinery

increased oxygen kills pathogens naturally

30% plant growth

Energised water increases root surface area & higher dissolved oxygen supports better crop yield

How Plant Growth is improved with dissolved oxygen & energy

Effluent not constantly flowing becomes stagnant & pungent – lacking oxygen

What is Flowform® figure8 water technology?

5 meters of Flowform® Figure8 equates to 50 meters of natural dynamic river flow

Vortex Technical Specifications

Kill pathogens naturally

Anaerobic organisms react negatively & die if oxygen is present. Flowform® figure8 increases oxygen by factor of 10

Dissolved oxygen research

Reduce soil acidification

Flowform® Figure8 superstream technology increases PH in soil

The Role of Soil pH in Plant Nutrition & Soil Remediation

Improve animal wellbeing

Reduce disease with healthier pastures & revitalise drinking water to improve animal wellbeing

Oxygenation & Health

Oxygenate, restructure & energize effluent without chemicals in days with figure8 flow

Oxygen kills pathogens naturally with Flowform® figure8

Let’s talk about removing chemicals from your effluent treatment