Flowform® Helix Figure8 Superstream

Create super coherent water with higher oxygen, pH & energy from your tap

Flowform® figure8 superstream water technology

Supercharge Your Home Garden

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High Oxygen = Plant Growth

Dissolved oxygen is vital for active uptake of essential nutrients

Energy = Root Growth

Scientific research proves Flowform® Figure8 flow increases energy in water resulting in root growth

High pH = Soil Heath

Plant nutrients become more available according to soil pH

Pest resistance

Plants treated with Flowform® Figure8 water are more resilient to pest infestation

What is Flowform® figure8 water technology?

50 yrs. of international research

A patented method to increase water's capacity to support life that's been independently tested by 3rd-party European laboratories

Energize drinking water to charge cells

Charge human cells faster than our cell phones

Improve health

Experience the health benefits of consuming super coherent Flowform® Figure8 water in your home

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