Farming & Agriculture

Farming & Agriculture

An Average Dairy Cow Produces Up To 70 Litres Of Effluent Per Day

Transform Animal Effluent Into Organic Liquid Fertiliser Within Days


Oxygen Kills Pathogens Naturally Transforming Waste Products Into Liquid Organic Fertilizer Within Days

Natural Effluent Treatment

Increase the oxygen level in rotting effluent to create organic aerobic liquid fertiliser in days with no chemicals

No Chemicals

Eliminate superphosphate & unsustainable bubbling machinery along with reducing soil acidification

Lower Vet Bills

Reduce disease with healthier pastures & revitalise drinking water to improve animal wellbeing

Reduce Running Costs

Save up to $150K per year in farm running costs *

Eliminate Foul Odours

The science is simple, effluent not constantly flowing becomes stagnant & pungent with 'little' to no dissolved oxygen

Stimulate Plant Growth

Energised water increases root surface area & higher dissolved oxygen supports healthy soil resulting in higher crop yield

Kill Pathogens Naturally

Highly efficient dynamic flow starves & kills anaerobic pathogens

Sustainable Practices

Save on potential pollution fines & improve farm performance with sustainable eco-technology

The cows can immediately graze on this grass an unheard of scenario using traditional methods
Tony Franken
Dairy Farmer, Comboyne, Australia

'Produce Extraordinary Results'


High-quality water supporting soil micro-organisms & strong resilient plants

Irrigation Water Improved

Flowform® technology refreshes irrigation water in holding ponds and tanks to benefit your entire growing operation. Benefits can include pest resilience, soil health & enrichment of subtle taste flavours


Create & maintain natural stream water quality for your operation with high levels of oxygen bonded into the water with alkaline pH & energized restructured water

Effective Micro-Organisms

Activate & increase your aerobic EM populations within highly oxygenated energized water able to support population explosions before applying to your property

Bio-dynamic Preparations & Liquid Fertiliser Stirring

Internationally used for over 50 years, effective activation of energies in BD Preparations & liquid fertilisers brews from flowing through the unique Flowform rhythmical figure8, designed for properties of any size

Dissolved Oxygen is one of the best indicators of the quality & the life-supporting ability of water
Kurt Becker

Higher Oxygen = Healthier Fish


Fish gather around Flowform® treated water entry preferring it to other water treatment

Dynamic Water for Fish Farms

Fish prefer fresh dynamic water flowing in natural pools and streams. We return semi-stagnant aquaculture ponds back into natural highly oxygenated dynamic water using nature’s best methods

Improve Entire Ponds Water Quality

Flowform water not only oxygenates efficiently, it also raises pH and restores water’s naturally enriched molecular structure to help maintain pond and fish health


Growing fish & plants together in one integrated system has never been easier with Flowform® technology, designed for small to large water volumes

Energetic Water

Modern science has proven that water has different energy levels depending on the degree of stagnant or dynamic water states. Our figure8 heart-rhythm flow recreates the dynamic water state

Flowform treated water has an ability to maintain dissolved oxygen levels compared to bubble diffuser methods which immediately & rapidly declines within minutes
Joel Willams
Agronomist B Agri. Sc Hons

'Use Less Water'


Use Less Water & Increase Water’s Capacity To Support Life

Strengthen Root Growth

Use less water as roots go down further with Flowform® tech

Eliminate Hypoxic Water Issues

Remove organic material in water & bio-film in pipes that consume Oxygen with Flowform® figure8 tech

Increase Pest Resistance

Flowform® water creates more 'structured' plant cells that pests find more difficult to penetrate

Increase Plant Sugars

By enhancing waters capacity to support life plants taste sweeter with more subtle flavours

Flowform® activation of dissolved oxygen enrichment is an important biomimicry breakthrough because water that is polished through natural dynamic flow movement enriches & elaborates its internal microstructure
Chris Wheeden

'Increase Dissolved Oxygen'


Dissolved Oxygen Is The Best Indicators Of The Quality Of Life-Supporting Water

Longer Cut Life

Higher Dissolved Oxygen levels in Flowform® water increase the 'cut' life of flowers & botanicals

Save Water

Use less water because roots go down a further

Remove Chlorine

Chlorine is forced out of the water via figure8 agitation whilst increasing PH & Oxygen content

Vibrancy of Plants

The energetic nature of Flowform® water improves the colour & vitality of plants

'Return water to a natural fresh mountain stream state with High PH & Oxygen levels'

No Chemicals

Enliven Outdoor Spaces

Bring Nature Inside