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Join The Water Revolution

'A Scientifically Proven Method To Increase Water's Capacity To Support Life'

Flowform® surface design recreates & intensifies complex dynamic flow in water



Returning water to a natural fresh mountain stream state with High PH & Oxygen levels

'Discover Our Nature Based Water Solution'

Harness The Power Of Nature

Retain Dissolved Oxygen (O2) By Factor x 8
Intensify Dynamic Water Flow By Factor x 10
Elevate pH Levels To Akaline 8.2
Scientifically Proven To Increase Waters Energy 
Our modern world alters water's natural structure passing it through pipes, turbines or artificially straightened rivers resulting in acidic pH, low oxygen, low energy water

Water Carries & Supports Every Aspect Of Life

'Flowform® treated water becomes highly oxygenated, to support rhythmic biological regenerative processes more intensively'
John Wilkes - Flowform® Inventor

Deployed In Over 7000 Projects In 50 Countries Throughout the World'

'Transform animal effluent naurally into liquid fertilizer over 1 week'

Farming & Agriculture

Flowform® Eco-technology Scientifically Proven To Eliminate Chemical Runoff

Transform Effluent Without Chemicals

Naturally treat animal effluent with Flowform® technology to create organic liquid fertilizer in one week

Improve Plant Health

Increase seed germination & root growth by up to 30%*

Reduce Vet Bills

Enliven & invigorate livestock drinking troughs & improve animal health by reducing pathogens on pastures

Activate Liquid Fertilizers

Greatly increase crop yield by activating liquid fertilizers

Fish Farms

Highly oxygenate the water for fish farm health/yield vs. traditional aeration or bubbling methods

Bio-dynamic Preparation Stirring

30 to 40L of preparation treats 1 hectare / 2.5 acres of land

'Increase plant growth by 30%'

Garden & Landscaping

Flowform® Water Is Scientifically Proven To Make Nutrients More Readily Available For Plants​​

Improve Plant Growth

Higher Oxygen & PH Flowform® water results in up to 30% plant growth vs. tap water

Pesticide Reduction

Plants treated with Flowform® water are more resilient to infestation

Energize Garden Ponds

Flowform® water reduces mosquito & algae infestations by returning ponds to a natural condition

Reduce Swimming Pool Chemicals

Enliven semi-stagnated pool water to reduce chlorine treatment

'Bring Nature Inside'

Home & Office

We Transform The Power Of Water & Nature's Living, Curving Shapes Into A Timeless Design Experience

Inspired by Nature

Inspired by the undulating flow of a mountain stream & the rhythmic water cycle that sustains life on Earth

Vital Water, Vital Living

Transform the molecular structure of water to energize your home & office environment

Sensory Restoration

Luxuriate in the sensory effects of flowing, rhythmic water. Replenish attention, reduce stress, and increase feelings of vitality and well-being.

Pet Health

Establish ecological balance in aquariums & improve the health & vitality of pets

The Science

Over 50 Years Of Research

Backed by 5 decades of research & dedicated to water & it's life-supporting capacities


Understand how we re-introduce water to energetic/quantum formative forces via the specific geometry of Flowform® surfaces

Independently Verified & Tested

Independently tested by 3rd-party European laboratories

Foundation For Water

Discover the creative secrets of water

Dedicated to water & it's life supporting capacities


Interested in a larger industrial scale operation please get in touch with whatever questions you may have

Email Us: sales@flowform.net