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Flowform® figure8 technology helps water support life

Returns water to a natural fresh mountain stream state with high PH & oxygen levels

Discover Flowform® figure8 technology

Retain dissolved oxygen by factor x 8
Intensify dynamic water flow by factor x 10
Elevate pH levels to alkaline 8.2
Scientifically proven to increase waters energy 
Our modern world alters water's natural structure resulting in acidic pH, low oxygen, low energy water

Water carries & supports every aspect of life

'Flowform® treated water becomes highly oxygenated, to support rhythmic biological regenerative processes more intensively'
John Wilkes - Flowform® Inventor

Deployed in over 7000 projects in 50 countries throughout the world

Transform animal effluent naturally into liquid fertiliser in days

Farming & Agriculture

Eliminate chemicals with Flowform® figure8 technology

Transform Effluent Without Chemicals

Naturally treat animal effluent with Flowform® figure8 technology to create organic liquid fertilizer in days

Improve Plant Health

Increase seed germination & root growth by up to 30%*

Reduce Vet Bills

Enliven livestock drinking troughs & reduce pathogens on pastures to improve animal health

Activate Liquid Fertilizers

Greatly increase crop yield by activating liquid fertilizers

Fish Farms

Flowform® figure8 technology highly oxygenates water to aid fish farm health & yield vs. traditional aeration or bubbling methods

Bio-dynamic Preparation Stirring

30 to 40L of preparation treats 1 hectare / 2.5 acres of land

Increase plant growth by 30%

Garden & Landscaping

Flowform® figure8 water makes nutrients more readily available for plants​​

Improve Plant Growth

Higher Oxygen & PH Flowform® figure8 water results in up to 30% plant growth vs. tap water

Pesticide Reduction

Plants treated with Flowform® figure8 water are more resilient to infestation

Energize Garden Ponds

Flowform® figure8 water reduces mosquito & algae infestations by returning ponds to a natural condition

Reduce Swimming Pool Chemicals

Enliven semi-stagnated pool water to reduce chlorine treatment

Bring nature inside

Home & Living

Flowform® figure8 technology, therapy & art in one

Inspired by Nature

Inspired by the undulating flow of a mountain stream & the rhythmic water cycle that sustains life on Earth

Vital Water, Vital Living

Transform the molecular structure of water to energize your home & office environment

Sensory Restoration

Luxuriate in the sensory effects of Flowform® figure8 rhythmic water to reduce stress & increase feelings of vitality & well-being

Pet Health

Flowform® figure8 water establishes ecological balance in aquariums to improve the health & vitality of pets

The Science

Over 50 Years Of Research

Backed by 5 decades of research & dedicated to water & it's life-supporting capacities


Understand how we re-introduce water to energetic/quantum formative forces via the specific geometry of Flowform® surfaces

Independently Verified & Tested

Independently tested by 3rd-party European laboratories

Foundation For Water

Discover the creative secrets of water

Dedicated to water & it's life supporting capacities

Flowform® figure8 technology & the power of nature

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