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Flowform® figure8 technology helps water support life

Retain dissolved oxygen by factor x 8
Intensify dynamic water flow by factor x 10
Elevate pH levels to alkaline 8.2
Scientifically proven to increase waters energy 

Deployed in over 7000 projects in 50 countries throughout the world

Transform animal effluent naturally into liquid fertiliser in days

Farming & Agriculture

Eliminate chemicals & improve plant growth with Flowform® figure8 technology

Transform Effluent Without Chemicals

Naturally treat animal effluent to create organic liquid fertilizer

Improve Plant Health

Energised water increases root surface area & higher dissolved oxygen supports crop yield by up to 30%*

Bio-dynamic Preparation Stirring

30 to 40L of preparation treats 1 hectare / 2.5 acres of land

Fish Farms

Highly oxygenate water to aid fish farm health & yield

Increase plant growth by 30%

Garden & Waterscape

Flowform® figure8 water makes nutrients more readily available for plants​​

Improve Plant Growth

Increase plant growth by 30% vs. tap water

Pesticide Reduction

Plants grown with Flowform® figure8 water are more resilient to infestation

Energize Garden Ponds

Reduce mosquito & algae infestations with Flowform® figure8 movement

Reduce Swimming Pool Chemicals

Reduce chlorine treatment by enlivening semi-stagnated pool water using natures best methods

Bring nature inside

Home & Living

Flowform® figure8 technology, therapy & art in one

Bring Nature Inside

Biophilic design (meaning love of nature) focuses on human’s innate attraction to nature & natural processes

Increase Productivity

Productivity can be increased by 8%, rates of well-being up by 13%,

Sensory Restoration

Reduce stress & increase feelings of vitality

Energise Your Environment

Transform the molecular structure of water to energize your home

The Science

Over 50 Years Of Research

Backed by 5 decades of research dedicated to water & its life-supporting capacities

Independently Verified & Tested

Independently tested by 3rd-party European laboratories

Dedicated to water & it's life supporting capacities

Flowform® figure8 technology & the power of nature

Interested in a larger industrial scale operation please get in touch with whatever questions you may have

Email Us: sales@flowform.net